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1st Day: $450.00     Each Additional Day: $125.00    

3'w x 6'd x 2'h

*requires 3 amps* 

Mocap Golf is an advanced golf simulator video game that incorporates Konami's motion sensing technology. Designed with a twin screen format, the game brings players an unparalleled golfing experience as well as one of the most unique interfaces seen in video games to date.

The game uses sensors to emulate the actual swing of the player and translates the power, direction and accuracy into the onscreen shot. The sensors will even pick up if a player hooks or slices their shot.

Set in Hawaii, Mocap Golf guides players through beautiful scenery and climate to some of the most dramatic holes to be seen anywhere. Away from the course, players can take on some more unorthodox golf by playing along the beach as well as island hopping from green to green by driving off the back of your yacht.

If that isn't enough variety then the urban holes will test your skill. Drive off a roof top, down the freeway and look out for the flag over an open man-hole cover.




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